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For Babies and Young Children

proud to support booktrust

For every book we sell, we make a donation to charity

Proud to support BookTrust

The Secret Garden Book Company will make a donation from every sale to BookTrust to support their work in getting children reading. 


Welcome to the Secret Garden book company. We're a family run online book store that started up following the arrival of our own two little bundles of joy. We loved the books we were gifted when our babies were born, but after a while, they all start looking the same. Thats when we started googling to find books that would not only interest our babies, but also us 'grown ups'.  We found so many contemporary, unique childrens books that provide an alternative to the books you will usually find for babies, that we decided to gather the amazing books we found and put them all into one place....

So if you are looking for something different for your budding intellectual, look no further!